In my previous story, I told you about the benefits of using Outsystem for building web applications. This time I want to share with you some drawbacks of it.

It would help if you were a developer

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As it usually happens, great flexibility derives complexity. Outsystem development has nearly no limits. But you more likely need to be a developer to build something with it.

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t touch Outsystems without having any prior developing experience. But it does mean you most likely will need to learn web-development basics as you would do it with any other native development technologies.

Developers market

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Working in IT for a while, I often hear that there will be no need for developers in the future. AI and robots will take over all development tasks, and the developer role will become obsolete. Who knows what will happen in 30–40–50 years. But even now, known cloud services make it possible to maintain complex infrastructure just with a couple of engineers instead of having huge IT departments. Website builders and CMS become even more convincing, allow creating webshops and sites for not IT people.

For a couple of months, I got a chance to learn a Low-code platform…

Nothing is wrong. And it’s a great tool that probably becomes a standard for Containers deploying nowadays. Since I already attracted your attention, I’d like to talk not about the tool itself but more about the decision-making process and why organizations decide to spawn Kubernetes clusters.

Do we need it?

Having established Kubernetes clusters in a company dictates a development team’s certain architectural decisions. Instead of evaluating specific SaaS or Cloud Native solutions for a new feature, teams may decide to run it in the Kubernetes because it’s much easier to start now. …

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With the easing of lockdown restrictions in Germany, people finally can visit bars, restaurants, barbershops, etc. Nevertheless, the government keeps an eye on the situation and has introduced some obligatory rules while visiting those places. Among them, restaurants must register their visitors. In case some visitors get Infection, the restaurant will inform others about the potential risks.

What happens now, visitors need to write their contact data manually on paper at every new place, also, whenever revisiting those places. After a third manually filled form, probably many of us thought that there might be a way to automate that.


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I started to work as a contractor one year ago. Since then, I have worked for 4 different companies on-site and learned from many people. That helped me to understand how similar and different modern organizations are at the same time. I want to share with you some unsorted thoughts I have had since last year.

Agile development

Daily Scrum aka Daily Standup

Finally, stop telling everyone in the morning that you had a meeting with someone yesterday or, even better — that you had a retro where all attendees were present. Stop making notes on a post-it before a meeting, not to mention that you were…

Imagine you have an online store where you need regularly update your catalog with items and their images. You ordered professional photography, and after one month (joke), you receive your nice high-resolution pictures that are 10–15 MB in size.

You upload them to your website, and (surprise) you observe an extremely high latency on image delivery. Customers wait too long to see your lovely pictures, give up and go to your competitors.

It’s not performant to deliver images to client browsers in the original size, where you need to show a small thumbnail. That’s a point where you think of…

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Recently I started to work as a contractor developer. It’s a challenge to take care of your direct work and Personal Marketing, Bookkeeping, Social insurances, Reports and maintain all your essential papers for legal compliance.

Today, I want to tell you about my project, where I tried to tackle the problem of keeping inexpensively essential documents (for instance, Invoices) organized in durable and secure storage.

That sounds trivial at first glance. There’re plenty of places, like Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, or even directly in Gmail? :) But I wanted to have smth, that will organize my documents for me. …

Oleksii Zeleniuk

Software engineer from Hamburg (Germany)

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